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Simon Bradshaw
Advocating for change

Simon Bradshaw, the Research Director at the Climate Council, has spent two decades researching climate impacts and solutions in Australia, the Pacific, and South Asia, previously with Oxfam and the Australian Conservation Foundation. He is a prolific commentator on climate issues and has authored numerous influential research reports. His recent work advocates for Australia to achieve net zero by 2035, building on the work of the late Professor Will Steffen. Simon led the groundbreaking Climate Trauma project in 2023, highlighting the mental health toll of climate disasters in Australia. 

Polymath Nate Byrne is a meteorologist, oceanographer, science communicator and former navy officer, but is perhaps most well-known for his high energy ABC News Breakfast weather broadcasts. From briefing senior military officers and hosting children’s science shows, to presenting the nation’s weather in times of emergency and calm, Byrne understands the importance of engaging and climate-focused communications. He helped launch the University of Melbourne Climate Futures program and maintains a close eye on developing climate stories. While weather is his speciality, Byrne is driven to share narratives about the world and the role of climate change in shaping our future.

Simon Bradshaw is a research director for the Climate Council, examining the impact of climate change on bushfires, extreme weather, and security. Bradshaw’s work is in service of climate justice, advocating for the needs of communities most affected by the impacts of climate change. 

This episode of 100 Climate Conversations will be available on December 29, 2023.

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