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Jake Whitehead
Electric Vehicles

Jake Whitehead is a transport engineer and head of policy at the Electric Vehicle Council. His research includes understanding the potential of using electric vehicles as ‘batteries-on-wheels’; transition policy for the electrification of public transport; and investigating how road pricing schemes could be used to generate sustainable transport funding, while supporting the uptake of new transport technologies such as electric vehicles. Whitehead is also a lead author on transport to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and a member of the University of California’s International Electric Vehicle Policy Council 

Polymath Nate Byrne is a meteorologist, oceanographer, science communicator and former navy officer, but is perhaps most well known for his high energy ABC News Breakfast weather broadcasts. From briefing senior military officers and hosting children’s science shows, to presenting the nation’s weather in times of emergency and calm, Byrne understands the importance of engaging and climate-focused communications. He helped launch the University of Melbourne Climate Futures program and maintains a close eye on developing climate stories. While weather is his speciality, Byrne is driven to share narratives about the world and the role of climate change in shaping our future.

By July 2023, sales of electric vehicles in Australia increased more than 120% from the entire previous year. As Head of Policy at the Electric Vehicle Council, transport engineer Jake Whitehead is focused on how Australia can rapidly shift to an electrified transport system.  

This episode of 100 Climate Conversations will be available on January 5, 2024.

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