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084 | 100
Ricky Archer
Indigenous ranger advocation

An Indigenous-ranger advocate working with First Nations communities to improve environmental management in northern Australian areas afflicted by climate change. Live in conversation with ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne. 

Available October 6

085 | 100
Neville Nicholls
Understanding El Niño

A leading expert on the nature, causes, predictability and impacts of inter-annual climate variability in Australia. Live in conversation with Nate Byrne.

Available October 13

086 | 100
Pia Winberg
Sustainable seaweeds

For this marine botanist and entrepreneur seaweed is the fuel and food for a sustainable world. Live in conversation with Nate Byrne. 

Available October 20

087 | 100
Salā George Carter
Negotiations and diplomacy in the Pacific

A researcher and community leader dedicated to helping Pacific Island nations reshape their futures in response to the existential threat of climate change. Live in conversation with Marian Wilkinson.  

Available October 27

088 | 100
Jeremy McLeod
Carbon neutral buildings

An award-winning architect and co-creator of a new methodology for designing and delivering carbon neutral buildings. Live in conversation with Benjamin Law.

Available November 3

089 | 100
Heidi Lee
Beyond zero emissions

The Beyond Zero Emissions CEO informs government on green job opportunities and the transition from fossil fuels. Live in conversation with Yaara Bou Melhem.

Available November 10

090 | 100
Clint Hansen
Water management

An Yiman/Iman countryman and environmental engineering PhD candidate exploring ways to safeguard water supplies. Live in conversation with Rachael Hocking. 

Available November 17
Narissa Bax
Penny Sharpe
Ross Garnaut
James Kennedy
Tom Linnell
Thomas Maschmeyer
Zhengrong Shi
Mibu Fischer
Karrina Nolan
Jake Whitehead