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041 | 100
Emma Bombonato
A sustainable Australian icon

A sustainability manager with insights from a career of improving the environmental practices of iconic institutions. Live in conversation with Patrick Abboud.

Available December 16

042 | 100
Claudia Vickers
Food futures

This synthetic biologist is investigating new methods of food production for a low carbon future. Live in conversation with Rae Johnston.

Available December 23

043 | 100
Barbara Norman
Planning climate resilient cities

A professor of urban and regional planning examines how cities and regions can be adapted in response to climate change. Live in conversation with Benjamin Law.

Available December 30

044 | 100
Simon Holmes à Court
Accelerating transformation

This energy analyst, renewables investor and climate philanthropist is determined to accelerate Australia’s energy transition. Live in conversation with Marian Wilkinson.

Available January 6

045 | 100
Rose Amal
Chemical engineering for clean energy

This chemical engineer develops nanomaterials for use in efficient large-scale hydrogen production and carbon capture . Live in conversation with Rae Johnston.

Available January 13

046 | 100
Brett Summerell
Protecting plants for healthy ecosystems

One of Australia’s foremost botanists uses the latest science and technology to conserve our native species against threats from climate change. Live in conversation with Benjamin Law.


Available January 20
Grace Vegesana
Ricky Archer
David Barnden
Narissa Bax
Kerryn Brent
Susie Burke
George Carter
Rebecca Colvin
Brendan Condon
Torben Daeneke
Lily D'Ambrosio
Alex Elliott-Howery
Matt Floro
Rowan Foley
Norman Jupurrurla Frank
Robert Furbank
Libby Gallagher
Ross Garnaut
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
Frank Jotzo
James Kennedy
Heidi Lee
Sophie Lewis
Tom Linnell
Catherine Lovelock
Alana Mann
Thomas Maschmeyer
Tony Matthews
Jeremy McLeod
Joe Morrison
Elizabeth Mossop
Greg Mullins
Peter Newman
Neville Nicholls
Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick
Anne Poelina
Clare Press
Suzanne Prober
Simon Quilty
Rowan Reid
Davina Rooney
Zhengrong Shi
Rob Skinner
Will Steffen
Roger Swinbourne
Vivian Tam
Madeleine van Oppen
Philip Vivian
Mick Wettenhall
Jake Whitehead
Pia Winberg
Torres Webb