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057 | 100
Rebecca Colvin
Conflict, values and identity

A social scientist researching how conflicting climate change beliefs are dividing Australians and how we can respond. Live in conversation with Gabrielle Chan.

Available March 31

058 | 100
Libby Gallagher
Alleviating urban heat

This award-winning landscape architect works with communities to plant trees, cool neighbourhoods and reduce carbon emissions. Live in conversation with Pat Abboud.

Available April 7

059 | 100
Sophie Lewis
An independent voice for the environment

This former climate scientist is now an independent and investigatory voice for the ACT’s environment and sustainability. Live in conversation with Rae Johnston.

Available April 14

060 | 100
Roger Swinbourne
Reshaping cities

This progressive consultant transforms how cities are built and operate with sustainability as the central principle. Live in conversation with Paddy Manning.

Available April 21

061 | 100
Greg Mullins
On the frontline of extreme fire

After a career in Fire and Rescue NSW, this firefighter is uniting former emergency service chiefs to act on climate. Live in conversation with Marian Wilkinson.

Available April 28

062 | 100
Grace Vegesana
Community adaptation

This Australian Youth Climate Coalition organiser works to build climate-ready communities in Western Sydney. Live in conversation with Patrick Abboud.

Available May 5

063 | 100
Peter Newman
Sustainable cities

An awarded environmental scientist on how cities can overcome automobile dependence with low-carbon alternatives. Live in conversation with Craig Reucassel.

Available May 12
Ricky Archer
David Barnden
Narissa Bax
Kerryn Brent
George Carter
Brendan Condon
Lily D'Ambrosio
Alex Elliott-Howery
Norman Jupurrurla Frank
Robert Furbank
Ross Garnaut
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
Frank Jotzo
James Kennedy
Heidi Lee
Tom Linnell
Catherine Lovelock
Thomas Maschmeyer
Jeremy McLeod
Joe Morrison
Elizabeth Mossop
Neville Nicholls
Anne Poelina
Clare Press
Suzanne Prober
Simon Quilty
Rowan Reid
Davina Rooney
Zhengrong Shi
Rob Skinner
Will Steffen
Mick Wettenhall
Jake Whitehead
Pia Winberg
Torres Webb