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019 | 100
Charles Massy
Future-proofing our farms

Fifth-generation farmer Charles Massy champions regenerative and resilient agriculture in response to climate change.Live in conversation with Gabrielle Chan. 

Available July 8

020 | 100
Gavin Singleton
Dawul Wuru Great Barrier Reef Rangers

A Yirrganydji traditional owner committed to increasing climate resilience in majestic far north Queensland. Live in conversation with Rachael Hocking.

Available July 15

021 | 100
Taryn Lane
Clean community energy

The manager of Australia’s first community-owned wind farm is helping local groups launch their clean energy projects. Live in conversation with Paddy Manning. 

Available July 22

022 | 100
Arnagretta Hunter
Health in a changing climate

A physician and cardiologist working to understand the impacts of bushfire smoke on community health and resilience. Live in conversation with Marian Wilkinson. 

Available July 29

023 | 100
Ninotschka Titchkosky
Carbon conscious architecture

An architect building the world’s tallest timber structure and exploring new pathways to decarbonise design. Live in conversation with Paddy Manning.  

Available August 5

024 | 100
Tim Flannery
Changing the Game

Chief councillor at the Climate Council Tim Flannery is one of the nation’s leading voices on climate action. Live in conversation with Rae Johnston. 

Available August 12

025 | 100
Mark Howden
Unrelenting action

For decades, this ecologist turned carbon accounting expert has developed innovative responses to climate change. Live in conversation with Marian Wilkinson. 

Available August 19
Grace Vegesana
Rose Amal
Ricky Archer
Zena Armstrong
Xuemei Bai
David Barnden
Narissa Bax
Emma Bombonato
Kerryn Brent
Susie Burke
George Carter
Rebecca Colvin
Brendan Condon
Zoltan Csaki
Torben Daeneke
Lily D'Ambrosio
Alex Elliott-Howery
Cheyne Flanagan
Matt Floro
Rowan Foley
Norman Jupurrurla Frank
Michael Fuhrer
Robert Furbank
Libby Gallagher
Ross Garnaut
Joëlle Gergis
Martin Green
Daniel Harrison
Toni Hay
Simon Holmes à Court
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
Johanna Johnson
Frank Jotzo
Ronni Kahn
James Kennedy
Heidi Lee
Sophie Lewis
Tom Linnell
Catherine Lovelock
Alana Mann
Thomas Maschmeyer
Tony Matthews
Jeremy McLeod
Joe Morrison
Elizabeth Mossop
Greg Mullins
Peter Newman
Neville Nicholls
Barbara Norman
Maria del Mar Palacios
Laura Parker
Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick
Anne Poelina
Clare Press
Suzanne Prober
Simon Quilty
Rowan Reid
Davina Rooney
Zhengrong Shi
Anna Skarbek
Rob Skinner
Karin Stark
Will Steffen
Victor Steffensen
Brett Summerell
Roger Swinbourne
Vivian Tam
Madeleine van Oppen
Claudia Vickers
Philip Vivian
Torres Webb
Mick Wettenhall
Jake Whitehead
Pia Winberg